Sue Nyathi

Sukoluhle is a Zulu name that means “Beautiful Day”. The 23rd of June 1978 is the beautiful day in which I made my debut into this world in the city of Bulawayo. I was raised and educated in Bulawayo and was privileged to attend one of the city’s best private schools. During the 80’s these schools were predominantly “white” and because my 3rd grade teacher was unable to pronounce my name she called me ‘Sue’. This is a name I still hold even to this day. It is for this reason that I write as Sue Nyathi as that is the name I am known by.

I have always been an avid writer and my creativity began to show at the age of 10 when I would cut out pictures from magazines and write little excerpts about the men and women in the pictures. My interest in writing was further nurtured throughout high school where I wrote a lot of poetry. This passion was reflected in my participation in poetry competitions for which I won several awards and accolades. However paradoxically, it is fiction writing that has captured my heart.

On completing my A Levels it was my intention to study Journalism but at that time there was no such degree on offer in any Zimbabwean institution of higher learning. So ironically I found myself reading towards a degree in Finance. I have completed a Masters Degree in Finance and presently I work for as a Research Associate for an economic and strategic planning consulting firm in Johannesburg. I have been resident in South Africa for almost 3 years and have no qualms about writing for the South African market.

My career in finance has not stifled my creativity as I continue to write a lot, albeit more factual work. On a lighter note, I was a freelance writer for the ‘Steaming Off’ column in the Sunday Mail, a local weekly in Harare. The column is something akin to the Carrie Jones column in ‘Sex and the City’. Many of my articles, concerning love and relationships were popularly received. I got a lot of responses through my email as total strangers poured out their hearts to me about personal ordeals they were going through. Some merely posted suggestions that I should write a book. By this time I had written several books, none of which have been published. However friends and family egged me to get published. So here I am in 2012, finally in print. The Polygamist is my by debut novel.